Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Meeting with Polsat

6 February 2023

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: Ambassador Brzezinski, many thanks to your time, sir. You need to be really hectic today involved on the Head of state’s most likely to to Poland.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Jan, “Witamy serdecznie,”, I’m so thankful you’re right below on the Principal of Goal home right below in Warsaw, the American individuals’s house in Poland. I’m hectic, and also every one in all my 600 coworkers on the United States Consular office right below in Warsaw might be really hectic. As an outcome of the involvement in between America and also Poland correct currently might be so wide and also deep. Currently we have numerous different measurements of this partnership. And also it’s an inconceivable time. It’s an inconceivable time to be Head of state Biden’s personal specialist to Poland. And also I’m so happy, really happy for this opportunity.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: And also will we expect Head of state Biden in Poland earlier than the top of February, do you presume?

Ambassador Brzezinski: Jan, I have actually absolutely nothing to introduce. That’s as long as the White Residence to introduce. I’ll claim this. I’d love it if he obtained right here to Poland. There’s a whole lot to see right below. This country is durable within the face of war succeeding door. The Polish people are tipping up in techniques a whole lot larger than themselves to help their next-door neighbor. What variety of visitors have I had because February 24, informs the tale using America’s interest in Poland currently. Due to the fact that the episode of the war on February 24, we have actually invited right below to Poland: Head Of State Biden, Vice Head Of State Harris, Assistant of State Antony Blinken, 3 times Assistant of Security Lloyd Austin 3 times, the Assistant of Treasury, the Assistant of Farming, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Employees, the Nationwide Security Consultant, and also a number of fifth of the United States Congress. Above 120, I duplicate 120, participants of Congress have actually involved Poland. Why? Why have they get here to Poland in less than one twelve month? Why this historical range of brows through? To attest. To attest to the wonderful actions the Polish people are requiring to assist their next-door neighbor? It’s an inconceivable time. Therefore I may love it, if Head of state Biden obtained right here to Poland.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: The Head of state himself stated he’s mosting likely to most likely to Poland. Every single time it happens, what can be the message the Head of state would certainly provide to Polish individuals?

Ambassador Brzezinski: That might be as long as the Head of state, and also I may also be acutely interested by specifically what he would certainly want to share. Nevertheless Head of state Biden does various concerns so perfectly. Head of state Biden has compassion. He has compassion for individuals that discover themselves having a hard time. He has compassion for individuals that discover themselves in frustrating and also terrible conditions. And also he’ll offer compassion to the individuals of Ukraine, each time he speaks in relation to the Ukrainian catastrophe. And also when he speaks about Poland, he’ll mention a certain relationship that’s nearer than it’s ever before been. That’s no matter regarding each time he entails Poland. The link is additional harmonized jointly than whenever in historic past, as an outcome of never earlier than have we been doing as a whole lot jointly.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: Are you aware, Mr. Ambassador, of any kind of prepare for Mr. Biden to accomplish Head of state Zelenskyy on Gloss dirt?

Ambassador Brzezinski: I have actually no information on that particular.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: Each solitary day, the globe witnesses Russian attacks on Ukraine, on private citizens. Within the last days with S-300 projectiles and also with an all new offensive it will certainly obtain only even worse. Why is Head of state Biden in the direction of equipping Ukraine with boxer jets much like the F16?

Ambassador Brzezinski: The video clip bulging of Ukraine is admiring Globe Battle 2 is the one aspect I can claim. The really reality is that Putin is committing genocide, war criminal activities. These products will most likely be ferreted out, and also the criminals will most likely be supplied to justice lastly, nevertheless using the means of this war, we’re sustaining the individuals of Ukraine of their defense of their country. It’s are offered in stages, our assistance. Initially phase of the war, we provided Javelins to the Ukrainian individuals to safeguard themselves in the direction of the means of the Russian navy on the moment. After which when the barrages proceeded and also intensified, we provided HIMARs to the Ukrainian individuals to safeguard themselves. And also currently we’re providing containers using the stages that we’re experiencing in Ukraine. So the means of our assistance has actually happened in stages, and also we’ll assist the Ukrainian individuals as important as an outcome of they’re being assaulted, eliminated, war criminal activities are being carried out. And also eventually, we think about securely that the Ukrainian individuals will most likely overcome on this.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: So the Head of state’s “no” for F16s doesn’t need to be the supreme resolution.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Well, you’re asking me a tactical question, and also I’ve given you a tactical reply. Our help is available in phases. Initially, we offered Javelins, then we offered HIMARs, after which we offered tanks, and we’re conscious of the wants of Ukrainian people who find themselves being attacked from overseas.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: Are you continue to satisfied the US will proceed to arm Ukraine? I’m asking as a result of in response to the newest Pew Analysis Middle ballot, 26% ofAmericans say the US is offering an excessive amount of help to Ukraine. That’s six factors greater than in September, and 19%, greater than at the beginning of the warfare. Former President Trump criticized sending tanks and an increasing number of Republicans want to restrict help and Republicans do management a part of Congress.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Nicely, I even have hosted many Republican elected members of Congress right here in Poland, and the help for Ukraine was completely common, and deeply felt. So due to this fact, the help popping out of Washington for what I see occurring in Ukraine, and for what is going on right here is bipartisan, which is great to see at this explicit second. From my perspective, Jan, the help of Ukraine, and for nations supporting Ukraine, like Poland, the help is a political crucial. There may be broad understanding in America and past that what occurs on this disaster is actually the essence of the collision between authoritarianism and democracy. Which a kind of sides wins, could have repercussions for many years. That’s what we perceive is at stake, and why our dedication to the folks of Ukraine is so deep seated, and our help for Poland relies on elementary convictions of a shared understanding of democracy and collective protection. What you see in Poland is exhibit A, that collective protection works. Now we have 1000’s of American troops, 1000’s of American troopers in Poland immediately. After I was right here on a Fulbright scholarship – I lived in Poland 30 years in the past – and once I was right here 30 years in the past, Poland was not a member of NATO on the time. There may be rather more confidence and a way of certainty now, in Poland, via its NATO membership, that Poland will probably be protected. Poland will probably be secure and Poland will probably be safe

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: If you began your mission to Poland nearly precisely a 12 months in the past, sir, the relations between our nations have been in a totally completely different place, a distinct place. How do you see the put up warfare actuality? Poland lies between East and West. After the warfare, that’s going to be Ukraine’s place.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Jan, the proof that the connection is disciplined, mutually respectful, and mutually supportive, is simply seen in how the American authorities and the Polish authorities dealt with the Przewodow incident in November. Either side labored collectively to know what occurred, to speak to our respective peoples and to the world what occurred, and to work collectively in our alliance construction, NATO, to provide you with one of the simplest ways ahead. It was completely disciplined. The White Home, the Biden administration, was so appreciative of how President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki and the Polish authorities dealt with that incident. It was exhibit A on how two shut meshed collectively allies ought to deal with an unsure second – and it was dealt with completely. Now we have nice confidence in our potential to work collectively, and I’m so happy about it. As a result of, in fact folks with precept can disagree on issues, however we agree on the basics, on safety, on values. That is the place we discover ourselves proper now, and it’s an essential second within the American Polish relationship.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: On the finish, sir, how does this warfare finish and is a peace settlement with Putin doable in your opinion? Or does he simply should be defeated?

Ambassador Brzezinski: Jan, accountable management requires us to comprehend that whereas we hope for peace immediately, this most likely will probably be lengthy and drawn out. That’s what we’re getting ready for with the Ukrainian folks and with the Polish authorities. And whereas that’s a tricky factor to say, I have actually nice confidence one 12 months into my ambassadorship that so long as this takes, this relationship will present unbelievable assistance for the Ukrainian individuals that will finally be victorious on this battle towards the Russian invaders.

Jan Mikruta, Polsat: Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, thanks, sir.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Thanks, Jan for coming right below.